This site explores the interplay of the following three subjects: (technical) decision making, learning and value creation.

Working as a software architect during the day, I am naturally drawn to the question of how to make good (technical) decisions. Our choices as engineers or non-technical stakeholders can have long-lasting consequences for the company or project we are working on.

Making good decisions depends on the ability to gain a sufficient understanding of a problem or solution. Understanding is based on knowledge that we acquire through learning, which is the second subject I explore here. Investigating how we effectively build skills is something I always had a strong interest in. As a software engineer, learning something new is our daily bread.

But decision making and learning alone are not valuable; they are only vehicles to the actual goal of creating value. I am particularly interested in the ever changing landscape of technology and how it leads to new possibilities to create value for others.

Those three categories form a rather broad field of possible subjects. My envisioned audience are stakeholders (technical or not), knowledge workers, students and anyone interested in thriving with technology.


This site is written by me, Bernhard Wenzel. I'm based in London, UK and work as a Software Architect at Infogrid (see disclaimer below).

In 2004 I got a Master's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Hamburg, Germany, and have since then worked as a software engineer and consultant in a variety of industries like Mobile Gaming, HR, Government, Finance, E-commerce and Marketing.

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