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I help innovators understand and take advantage of decentralised applications

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What I can do for you:

Help you explore blockchain potential

  • Do you have an idea for a blockchain related product but are not sure how to implement it?
  • Are you undecided between technology stacks?
  • Do you want to develop a prototype to test feasibility rapidly?

I have 14 years experience building software products as a consultant and senior developer across a diverse range of industries. Though blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies change fast, the fundamental software engineering principles stay the same. I can help you develop a strategy for your technology roadmap and provide you with an experienced outside view of your company.

Help with getting your blockchain application out of the door

  • Are you falling behind a critical milestone and need experienced short-term help with your development effort?

I need little or no ramp-up time to get up to speed in any development environment, and I’m happy to implement the nitty-gritty details of your next release. I’m a blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast that will provide your team with the critical extra development power it needs.

Help with building your blockchain application from start to its long-term future

  • Do you have on and off need for a senior external developer?

Very often clients ask me to continue working for them on a fixed schedule. I’m happy to join your company as a part-time senior developer if I have a slot available.

Deliver in-house training workshop for your team

  • Do you have invested a lot in your developers and want to make sure they have relevant skills?
  • Do you want to keep your developers happy by enabling them to learn and advance their careers?
  • Do you want to enable management to understand blockchain on a deeper level?

I know exactly how your developers think and feel, where they struggle and what motivates them (hint: it is not only money).

I offer in-house training for a technical and non-technical audience on blockchain related subjects. You can read more about my approach here: Bernhard Wenzel Training

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I'm based in London, UK (GMT+0)

  • “Engineers with the talent of Bernhard are rare to come across. Bernhard and I worked together in a software engineering team, developing a product for a startup focused on creative collaboration. His ability to understand the complexities of the project combined with his versatility and large experience in all the aspects of backend development proved to be one of the most important assets for the project. As a team member or a leader, Bernhard earns my highest recommendation.”

    Dr. Leo Ramirez

    Project Lead at Fraunhofer Institute - more at LinkedIn

  • “I have worked with Bernhard in many Software projects, and he is one of the most talented engineers I know. Overall he is a great generalist problem solver, I had the opportunity to write code with him in projects that go from large Java backends, to frontend web projects in Angular. We teamed up in startup projects using Django, machine learning projects with Scala and Akka, and many more. I collaborated with Bernhard in client facing project, and he has always shown a remarkable professionalism and high sense of responsibility. One of the things that I like the most when working with him is that whenever we started working on a feature, he would always start with the same question: how are we going to test that?”

    Alexander De Leon

    CTO at Taxfix - more at LinkedIn


About Bernhard

Bernhard (Dipl. Inf) started his career 14 years ago as a software engineer and consultant.

He has worked in a variety of industries like Mobile Gaming, HR, Government, Healthcare, E-commerce, Marketing on projects based in Germany, UK, US, Spain as well as remotely, getting to know a wide range of team cultures and work processes.

He also enjoys writing about software development as a craft (go to my developer blog).