Hi, I'm Bernhard, a Software Architect, Writer & Teacher. As "AI-powered robots are taking over", I am convinced that the ability to continuously learn and apply human creativity to technology is one of the most valuable skills to develop now.


The Software Strategy Letter

Analysis and insights into the architectural and business side of software development, particularly in the context of IoT applications. It aims to enable the reader to become better at evaluating technology and making solid long-lasting decisions.

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Microservices Course on Udemy

I created a hands-on programming course teaching the fundamentals of full-stack and micro-services development. Available on Udemy

Other publishing

I have a programming blog (where I post at most 1-2 tutorials per year), a YouTube channel with a few developer videos and I hope to give more talks.

CodingBrain editor

I developed an experimental knowledge management tool. It is unlikely that I continue working on it but you may want to have a look.

Chief Architect at INFOGIRD

Last but certainly not least I'm the Chief Architect at INFOGRID where we built the worlds simplest end-to-end IoT solution.

Sites & Contact

Other places you can find me: LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter, Github. To get in touch, please send an email to mail@bernhardwenzel.com

Bernhard Wenzel, London, UK
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