Work with me

I’m a software engineer (Dipl. Inf) with 13 years experience designing and implementing scalable business applications. I am an expert in API and cloud development, from strategy & technology planning to implementation and product management.

I have helped dozens of startups and midsize companies to digitise their business and ship robust APIs successfully. Please contact me for more information.

Development services

  • I can help you plan and implement your API through a technology roadmap on a fixed-price no-risk basis and, if required, help you with the implementation (fixed-price or daily based).
  • I may also be available to join your team as an external developer. I prefer working remotely, however, travelling a few days per month within Europe is fine. I’m based in London, UK.
  • Skillset: API development, API Security, OAuth, REST, Cloud, Serverless, AWS, Google Cloud, Spring, Java, Scala, Python, Hyperledger

Corporate training & authoring

  • I’m available to come to your site and deliver training workshops. The training can be tailored to your needs, going from one to three-day courses.
  • I offer engaging classes that encourage active participation, teaching just enough theory so that my students can learn by doing as soon as possible.
  • I’m also always interested in authoring opportunities, either video or books.

Business opportunities

I’m genuinely interested in the future of education. I believe we are still at the very beginning of how we teach and learn and that fundamental changes are soon to come. I also see many opportunities in supply-chain and e-commerce.

I’m always happy to talk about business ventures, please get in touch.


Engineers with the talent of Bernhard are rare to come across. Bernhard and I worked together in a software engineering team, developing a product for a startup focused on creative collaboration. His ability to understand the complexities of the project combined with his versatility and large experience in all the aspects of backend development proved to be one of the most important assets for the project.
As a team member or a leader, Bernhard earns my highest recommendation.

Dr. Leo Ramirez, Project Lead at Fraunhofer Institute, Berlin

I have worked with Bernhard in many software projects, and he is one of the most talented engineers I know. Overall he is a great generalist problem solver, I had the opportunity to write code with him in projects that go from large Java backends, to frontend web projects in Angular. We teamed up in startup projects using Django, machine learning projects with Scala and Akka, and many more. ...
One of the things that I like the most ... he would always start with the same question: how are we going to test that?

Alexander De Leon, CTO at Taxfix

More can be found on my LinkedIn profile.


To discuss work opportunities or exchange ideas, please feel free to send me a message using the form below or send me an email to