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I’m a Software Architect with 10+ years experience designing and building distributed business applications. I have been working on projects based in Germany, UK, US, Mexico, Spain as well as remotely, getting to know a wide variety of team cultures and work processes. I’m currently based in London, UK (originally from Germany).

In 2015, I founded together with business partner IT Hansa Consulting, S.L. We are an IT consultancy & matchmaker that empowers our clients to benefit from the advantages of a modern digitalized working world.

I may be available for hire as an independent contractor, or I can help you managing the right development team for your project via IT Hansa.

I enjoy speaking, teaching and writing about software development. I believe that education has a huge impact on our society and that the best things are still to come.

Availability as a contractor

I’m currently considering only remote jobs with occasional (2-3 days per month) travel within Europe. Please get in touch if interested.

Availability as a project manager at IT Hansa consulting

Please head over to (or the german version at and get in touch so we can discuss your project ideas.

Availability as a speaker, coach or author

I’m always interested in authoring proposals, development of teaching material (written or video) or any speaking or coaching gigs. Please get in touch.


Some of my latest (larger) projects include:

IT Hansa Consulting, Madrid (remote projects for clients based in Germany or England)

Founded a consultancy that offers the outsourcing of software development to Spain. Project lead of a remote team for a startup based in Berlin to develop an innovative human resource platform. Currently in a pilot phase with renowned institutions in various industries like banking, job agencies or consultancies.

Technologies involved are Python, Django-Rest, Postgres, Angular, Docker

Fraunhofer Society, Berlin (remote project)

Development of a collaboration platform for remote teams. An innovative application that redefines how users participate in shared projects. Lead architect of the REST API backend. ( At the end of 2014, the project has launched a startup (

Tools: Java, REST, Play Framework, Postgres, Spring

Lumata Group, Madrid

Development of a service oriented platform that integrates most major social networks and news sources into a centric application. Used by one of the leading manufacturers of electronic products for their recent tablets. Part of an international development team with a focus on architecture and implementation of new features. (

Tools: Java, REST (Apache CXF), MongoDB, Spring, Redis, Alfresco, Solr

LVS, London

LVS ( is the creator of the Advanced Betting Platform (ABP) providing real-time betting data to multi-national gaming operators like William Hill. Lead developer role for integration project of ABP with a pricing forecasting and optimization application (Botsphere-Rightprice).

Tools: Java, Hibernate, Spring, Oracle, Ruby-on-rails, SWT

A detailed list of my projects and experience can be found in my CV, available upon request.

Founder and side projects

I’m an avid creator of side projects that allow me to learn and try new ideas, you can read more about my side projects here.


  • Software architecture: Planning and designing scalable systems and applications, project management & scrum, managing remote teams
  • Full stack development: Proficient in front- as well as backend development.
  • Programming languages: Java (Expert), Python (Expert), Javascript (Expert), Scala & Clojure (intermediate), Groovy, Haskel (Beginner)
  • More details can be found in my CV


University of Hamburg, Germany - Diploma (Master) in Computer Science specializing in distributed systems. Thesis: “Workflow-based composition of business processes”, written in cooperation with Hewlett-Packard, has been published by VDM Verlag, ISBN: 978-3-639-00389-5


More details can be found in my CV available on request.


To discuss opportunities or exchange ideas please feel free to send me message.